Hi Everyone!

We ALL have a NEVER QUIT story.  What is yours?

Thank you for being a part of a NEVER QUIT experience. We all have a NEVER QUIT story and it is so important to inspire others to be positive, give their best and NEVER QUIT.  For me, everyone’s NEVER QUIT message is what makes this event an amazing experience .   I know the paratroopers and the red carpet, the necklaces and guest appearances all make it interesting, but as so many of us know, there is a much larger reason behind all of these things. 

For those of you who do not know what stared this movement, please watch the video called: “NEVER QUIT, WHAT STARTED IT ALL” and the “NEVER QUIT MESSAGE”. It would mean so much if you are doing this event for the right reasons, knowing the real message and why it takes place.

All of the NQ videos will make you better understand the reason for this NEVER QUIT experience.  These videos move and ground me of just how many people have a NEVER QUIT spirit and give their all.

For me personally, from my parents and upbringing, I have come to understand that: hard work, dedicated love, doing things as a family, living a clean healthy active life and sailing under command of our heavenly “Master”, well, it makes life truly wonderful, it gives life purpose.  These videos give a glimpse into that world: 

From the valleys of life to learning the reason why life is worth the living, we all have to ask ourselves …Who Will I Never Quit For ?

As Dad would always say and live his life by: FULL STEAM AHEAD -and- NEVER QUIT, NEVER!

With a NEVER QUIT attitude, negatives turn to positives, and once again, in some strange way, life truly becomes grand once again.

Life on earth is short, is it not wonderful that we are living it for the right reasons.

Share the NEVER QUIT message with your  family and friends and we will see you Sunday May 19 in Jacksonville Beach for the best NEVER QUIT ever!

I hope to meet you soon. 
Your friend,

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