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April 15, 2017: 8am
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

All finishers of our 5k in Florida receive:

  • The first new and only 2017 3D Eagle finisher medal
  • High quality NEVER QUIT shirt (Men & Women) or a tank option for females, (you get to choose your favorite color & style at packet pickup for roughly 10 designs and styles, so you get exactly what you want and will love to wear)
  • A $300 valued NQ Finisher Necklace, presented to you by a uniformed U.S. Armed Service member after you complete your run.  (if you choose the necklace during online registration)
  • New necklace awards at the Sea Walk Pavilion with a beautiful “step & repeat” background/backdrop.
  • Custom commemorative 2017 “Eagle” NEVER QUIT ® bib
  • Downloadable professional pictures
(online payment required)
With no necklace/ with Necklace
-Everyone receives the Eagle Medal-
Now – Jan 31, 2017
$35 / $69
Feb 1 – Feb 28, 2017
$39 / $75
March 1- March 31, 2017
$45 / $79
April 1 – April 14, 2017
$49 / $85

Sea Turtle & Energy Wave (w/ multiple stones) shown below, are limited edition necklaces and cost + $10.


Run/walk a safe open course during dead low tide on super hard packed dry sand.

Your NEVER QUIT 5k morning will start with a powerful speech, prayer, we will all recite our Constitutional oath, sing “God Bless the USA and the National Anthem.  Then, get ready for an amazing, healthy and very patriotic 5K run/walk race and a great day for everyone!

The 5K course is an out and back, starting in front of the Four Points Sheraton hotel. Run/Walk along the beautiful, dry, hard-packed, low tide Jacksonville Beach sand down to 25th Ave South and then return back to the Finish Line in front of the Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Pavilion for the world’s largest beach run. This is a perfect, wide-open, safe beach course for running.

As soon as you cross the finish line, you will be presented with one of the largest, heaviest and most striking 3D NEVER QUIT finisher medal ever created in the history of running, and now being presented at NEVER QUIT.  See the 2017 3D Eagle medal here.

When you select a Never Quit Finisher Necklace during online registration, after you finish your run/walk, head up to the Sea Walk Pavilion where you will be greeted by a U.S. Military Service Member at the Finisher Necklace area.  Here you will be presented with the $300 valued, handmade and the most striking finisher necklace ever presented at any run.

If you selected a necklace during online registration, your race bib will be marked as such so you can be presented with your $300 valued Finisher necklace. You can also run/walk and get the necklace as a perfect gift for someone you will Never Quit for.

If you can not make a Never Quit event, enter the Never Quit Virtual Run where we will mail you the same items as your friends and family will receive on race day, and you can run anywhere in the world, the distance you want, when you want!

Click the link to see the perfect low tides that we will all be able to enjoy to give you a perfect hard packed beach to run on.  The sand is flat and almost like concrete and is not soft sand.  Jacksonville is one of the only unique places in the United States that has this hard-packed flat sand at hundreds of yards wide to run on, so it will be an amazing experience.  See tides here:  Jacksonville Beach, Florida: Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 8 am

See 5K more FAQ’s here

Awards for top tier runners will be awarded at the Sea Walk Pavilion in front of the stage at 9:30am.

If you select the NEVER QUIT Finisher necklace, you will receive your NQ finisher necklace at the Sea Walk Pavilion in an enclosed secure area where you will be greeted by a U.S. uniformed Armed Service Member who will present you with your necklace.NewSlide-Acuvue

Read the Necklace story here.

THE 2017 NEVER QUIT U.S. bald Eagle bib.  This picture was taken in Alaska by the world famous photographer: Matt Shetzers. 
See all ofMatt’s amazing images here: http://www.shetzers.com