Capt. Gerard Petroniwas an active, healthy family man of enduring faith, remarkable athletic abilities, strong physique & a loving heart. When Gerard suffered a massive stroke & brain bleed on Thanksgiving 2006, it shook all who knew this vibrant man.  Uncontrolled high blood pressure was the cause & if this could happen to him, it could happen to anyone!  Six months later, he was still unable to walk, eat, or speak.  His family handed him a Sharpie & said, “Dad, if you could write just one thing on this paper, what would you write?”  With a hard pressed hand he scratched out NEVER QUIT. Gerard’s optimistic NEVER QUIT attitude, love & care of his family, friends & medical team helped him survive & improve significantly. After 3 wonderful “extra” years of life, Gerard suffered another stroke & moved Home to his Heavenly Father December. 31, 2009.


NEVER QUIT is a a powerful and spirited story about Health, Love, Determination, American and U.S. Military pride and the NEVER QUIT spirit that lives in all of us.  Through healthy life choices and a NEVER QUIT attitude, we can overcome obstacles, achieve our goals and educate others on how to avoid or overcome the effects of stroke, heart disease, obesity and cancer.
Each year, thousands participate in NEVER QUIT in both the United States and at U.S. Military installations around the world.

NEVER QUIT provides the following:

1.  A health series of fitness events for all ages and one where someone of any age or the entire family can participate together.
2.  Free blood presure checks and the ability to meet for free woth doctors and nurses who can talk to you about any health related issues
3.  Hypertension & stroke and over all fitness awareness
4.  Support to our U.S. Military, in both the U.S. and deployed abroad with free shirts, custom runners bibs with ACUVUE logo and with a runners support, a race medals. Watch a video that shows 5 events held in just one month in the Middle East:
5.  One of the largest family fitness events, free of alcohol or junk/fast food.  Only healthy food is provided to all participants:
6.  And in Jacksonville Florida, the joy of being able to participate in the world’s largest beach run:  Watch 30 sec. video here: all of those who have decided to take a health approach to life and take on a NEVER QUIT LIVING LIFE spirit, both in the United States and to those U.S. Armed Service Members deployed around the world,
Thank you.Never Quit, Never !
http://www.neverquitnever.comVideo of the inspiration behind the Never Quit run:

In addition, NEVER QUIT provides the following: Educational and entertainment services with motivational and inspirational stories on sports, sporting events, health, fitness via the Never Quit physical events, stunts exhibitions with skydivers and more.  In addition, we document the travel of NEVER QUIT.

NEVER QUIT provides free health & fitness events to the U.S. Military Armed Service Members at U.S. Military Bases and military inspired events in the civilian community. We also provide environmental education by educating people to eat right and eat a plant based diet so as to create minimum impact on our earth.

NEVER QUIT documents adventure, fitness and health by means of television, film, audio, radio, broadcasted via satellite or the Internet.