All finishers receive:

  • NEVER QUIT shirt or tank,
  • NEVER QUIT U.S. Eagle Finisher medal
  • Free pictures
  • Top 3 teams receive awards

2016 Battle for the Beach.  NEW QUICK REQUIREMENTS as of April 9, 2016:
The only difference is the swim has been replaced with a 5k run and as soon as you cross the finish line you will run up to the Sea Walk Pavilion and on the grassy area you will do all the remaining exercises in front of larger crowds than what was seen on the beach.

6 person Team
8am start

5k run  (each person)     (Ave. time: 20 – 25min)

50 meter wheel barrow  (each person)   (Ave. time: 2min)  Must hold ankles of teammate 
1000 sit-ups   (175 per person.  Some more, some less)   (Ave. time: 15-20 min)
500 pull-ups  (100 each.  some less)   (Ave. time: 20 min)   No Kipping
500 Burpees   (100 each.  some less)   (Ave. time:  20 min)     Flat to ground, arms off ground, jump up and touch flag that hangs 6′ off ground.
50  meter wheelbarrow   (each person)   (Ave. time: 2min)  Must hold “ankles” of teammate 
  • 1:30 min ave. finish time for the tops teams

Battle for the Beach results (2014)

Saturday, April 30 2016.    8 am.

(Participants ages 16 and older)

Before registering, scroll down this page and please make sure to read the section titled:  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SO YOU EXECUTE YOUR EXERCISES PROPERLY: 

(online payment required)
Includes high quality shirt
Now – Feb 29
March 1 – March 31
April 1- April 24
April 25 – April 29 (if there are slots left open)

If you would like to register your whole team at once for the Battle for the Beach, please follow the steps below:
Enter in your registration information and once you get to the Review Registration page, click on the Register Another button, then fill in the information for the next team member.

Keep following the steps above for each team member and once you have entered everyone you can proceed to checkout to pay for all of the registrations at once.

The Battle for the Beach
 will feature six-person teams in one of the most amazing physical fitness challenges.

This event, originally started as a competition between lifeguards, has grown to become one of the most elite challenges in our nation.

If you want to train and put yourself into one of the most elite challenges, put your ultimate team together and sign up now. Create your unique team name! Now is the chance to prove your worth.

To participate in the Battle for the Beach, the following will be required:

6 person team that must register online

    (Male or Female or mixed male/female teams, 16 years or older)

All team members must complete this order a:

  1.  5k beach run.
  2. 50 meter wheelbarrow.  You must have at least one team member with you.
  3. All team members must do a combined of the following and no team member can go on to the next leg until all of the following are completed by the 6 person team.  You can keep rotating through the following exercises until your team has completed each exercise.
  4. 500 Burpees (you must go all the way down to the ground, take your hands off the ground so the judge can see air under your hands, and then push up and jump to your feet so that your feet come off the ground and a judge can see air under your feet. If you do not do your burpee as described, that burpee will not count. If you argue with a judge you will be disqualified from the event.)
  5. 1000 sit-ups. See following video for proper technique.
  6. 500 pull-ups   (No spotting allowed.)
    After each team has completed the above, then the team can do the:
  7. 50 Meter wheelbarrow and then switch partners where your partner will hold your ankles….to the finish line!   Here are correct and incorrect pictures of how to perform the wheelbarrow.  If you do it incorrectly, you will have to go back to the start line and perform the wheelbarrow all over again.

For the pull-ups, are we authorized to combine reverse grip chin ups with regular overhand pull ups?
No.  In addition, Kipping pull-ups will not be allowed, dead hang only. No spotting is allowed. You can not touch your teammate other than to help them reach their hands to the pull-up bar if they are unable to do it on their own. If you touch your teammates body or back while they are on the pull-up bar, any pull-ups that you touched your teammate will not count and they will start their count at the last correct pull-up.
Watch this video to see correct pull up technique

For the 500 Burpees, sit-ups and pull-ups, can we have our team members focus on one exercise more than the other?
As long as you complete one exercise before you move onto the next, you can use any strategy you want. For example, the girls could do more Burpees and sit-ups than the guys and the guys take over all the pull-ups in order to have better flow during rotation.
Watch these videos for correct sit ups technique:
Sit ups

Are the requirements the same for both genders?
Everyone that competes will have to do the exact same exercises.  Bullets do not discriminate or show favoritism, neither does NEVER QUIT and the Battle for the Beach Crossfit Events.

How are the reps being kept count? Are there counters per person for each team or do we keep our own count?
Both. Your team counts out loud and the two counters keeps you honest.

For the Battle for the Beach T-shirts, do teams have to complete the entire event to receive one?

Is there going to be another Battle for the Beach event in the future in Florida?
Yes, at every NEVER QUIT event in Jacksonville Florida.

Are gloves authorized for the pull-ups?

What is time limit for the event?
You can not exceed 2 hours.  Here are results from the 2014 Jacksonville Battle for the Beach,

Will the push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees take place in the sand or will it be on solid ground?
All on the soft sand but the pull up bar is above the sand naturally.

Is there parking reserved for teams registered for the event?
No but city parking is free before 9am.

Please give your team a remarkable name.

Teams are awarded points for the combined effort of its six members and will be judged by expert coaches and mentors.

All teams that complete the Battle for the Beach will receive special Battle for the Beach t-shirts.

TV camera crews will be on hand to film this challenge, so be prepared to do your best for TV and show what you’re made of. A lot of people will be watching this!
Family and friends, please don’t miss this Battle. This will be an unbelievable display of strength, determination, teamwork with the most challenging team 6 person challenge in the U.S.  Show your NEVER QUIT attitude!

Battle for the Beach and the NEVER QUIT Challenge Series brings you the following info:

I trust that all of you all have been training and are prepared to work and perform as a team. Both quality of strength and speed will be what will carry you through in the Battle for the Beach.

Each team should bring with them one 11″ x 17″ laminated sheet of paper with your team name printed clearly on it. Logos are permitted. Again, we ask that you laminate this team placard, front and back, at any Office Depot location and please bring it to the Battle for the Beach where it will be posted above your section – where you will be performing your exercises.  This sign will allow the spectators, tv , photographers, judges, and trainers and motivators/recruiters to know what team you represent (you may bring your own personal coach although most teams work perfectly communicating to their team of six). Spectators will be watching you perform, as well as cheer your team on.

The largest Battle for the Beach ever held took place at the NEVER QUIT Beach Challenge in 2014 which had a total of 48 teams consisting of 228 total participants, it has grown each year thereafter.

The Battle for the Beach is a great display of strength, endurance, and teamwork.  Many teams had similar colored board shorts to help themselves and spectators to know who they were. Some also created team t-shirts that they wore proudly before and after the competition.

Men who are trying to qualify for the Special Operations recruitment process as well as past teams such as the Daytona Beach Patrol team: “The Dirty Half Dozen” and many other amazing teams have entered the Battle for the Beach to perform in front of a cheering crowds.

See you at the beach for a fun day for all. Please let all of your friends and family know about this event and about the NEVER QUIT Challenge Series. Make sure you check out all of our other 5K and Triathlon events!

Please arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the Battle for the Beach for body markings.

All 6 members of the winning team receives a prize.



A participant asks the following questions with responses from the SEAL mentor.
We have posted these Q & A so that you may benefit from the level of perfection that this Warrior Challenge participant trains to achieve.

Please make sure you understand and adhere to the following:

Practice working as a team. You will be rotating during the push-ups, and pull-ups so that when one person rests the the other is going. Typically each team member did 10 to 25 repetitions before the next team member took his/her turn.


  • Am I allowed to move my feet and hands once they’re set?  Yes
  • How far down and up do I need to go for a Burpee to be counted – chest to ground (down), hands off the sand?  All the way to the sand, hands brought off the sand so all of your body weight is on the sand. Then push-up and jump in the air so your feet come off the sand. If you do not do it this way, it will not be counted.
  • If a rep doesn’t count am I disqualified?  No.
  • Coaches and recruiters will be watching that you perform perfect Burpees that go all the way down until your chest touches the ground and your hands come off the ground.
  • Watch this video for proper push up technique.

Sit ups

  • Am I allowed to move my position once I’m set?    Very little.
  • How far down and up do I need to go for a rep to be counted – back flat on the ground (down), lower back touch the ground (down), chest to knees (up), arms touch knees (up), etc.?  Your entire shoulder blades must touch the ground and your elbows must touch your knees.
  • Sit-ups must have hands crossed in front of you while keeping full contact with your shoulders, at all times, while touching your knees at the top. Your teammate will be holding your legs to assist during this one activity alone.
  • How can I rest – back flat on the ground, peak position, etc.?   Rest in the up position.
  • Am I disqualified from the sit ups portion if I move my position?  No, you will not be disqualified.
  • If a rep doesn’t count am I disqualified? No
  • Is someone holding my legs, feet, etc.? Yes, your teammate will be holding your legs.
  • What do I do with my arms, hands, etc.?   Arms crossed in front and hands touching your shoulders.
  • If my feet come up or my hands/arms move, am I disqualified or does that rep not count and i continue?  If your hands come off of your chest the rep will not count but you will not be disqualified.
  •  You have to complete all of the push-ups before moving on to the sit-ups, and finally the pull-ups. Also, only one person does the sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups at a time.
  • Watch this video to see proper sit up technique.

Pull ups

  • Do I have to remain on the bar once I’m set?    No, You do as many as you can, then you get off the bar and go to the back of the line of your team of 6.  Then the next person in line gets on the pull up bar and does as many as he/she can.  And the line just keeps shuffling like that.  Your team of 6 can keep rotating as many times as you want.  You can do as many or few pull ups as you want, until your entire team completes 500 pull ups.  Correct pull ups with speed will be what gets you and your team through the 500 pull ups. 
  • How wide and what grip can I put my hands?  Hands facing out. Arms can go outside of shoulders (not too wide).
  • How far down and up do I need to go for a rep to be counted – dead hand with arms locked (down), arms 90 degrees (down), arms past 90 degrees (down), chest to bar (up), chin above bar (up), chin to bar (up), etc..?   Arms locked at the bottom.  Touch Adam’s apple to bar.
  • How can I rest – come off the bar, arms locked, etc.?   Arms locked at the bottom.
  • Am I disqualified from the pull ups portion if I move my position or am I allowed to reset and continue?   Once you drop off from the bar or reset, you are done with pull-ups and you must get to the back of the line and your next team member takes his turn.  Once any other team member is finished, the next person (which may be you) can jump up and do his/her pull ups.  So no, you are Not disqualified, just follow the above.
  • If a rep doesn’t count am I disqualified?   No.
  • What do I do/can I do with my legs?    Let them hang.  No kipping and no team mate can ever touch you once you are holding on to the pull up bar and if someone does touch you your entire rep will not count.!
  • If my legs move too much, am I disqualified or does that rep not count and i continue?   Rep does not count.
  • Is – Kipping allowed?   Kipping pull-ups do NOT count, dead hang only. If you use kipping in your pull-ups that entire set will not be counted. If you or a team mate argues with a judge in any exercise, you are eliminated from the event..  (Cross fit members please take note.)
  • Watch video of correct pull up technique.

50m crawl

  • Is that on my forearms/elbows and toes?   Stay as flat to the ground as possible and make it under the ropes. Your back side cannot touch the  ropes. There are judges monitoring, giving a warning or making you start over again depending  on the severity of the hit to the ropes.
  • Can I rest? If so, how can I rest?  Yes, you can rest, lying on the ground.
  • Can you be disqualified or is this like a warm-up?   No, you can’t be disqualified but you will be forced to start over if you perform your low crawl incorrectly.  Perform your low crawl as show in these videos:  
  • Proper low crawl technique used at event
  • Watch this other great low crawl video

Stay hydrated video

Any additional information you can give about the challenge that you feel would be beneficial? As I continue to train I want to be well aware so I prepare with the proper technique and not surprised come the day of the challenge.    Start training several months prior to the event so you can carry your weight for your team. Learn the proper techniques of each special operations level exercise now and keep practicing them diligently. Incorporate these exercises into your daily workouts.


“Man in the Arena”

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

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