In 2016 we came out with the NEVER QUIT Eagle Finisher Medal for the 5K. This was the largest medal that Jacksonville runners said they had ever received.

In 2017 the new 3D NEVER QUIT Eagle is double the weight of the 2016 medal and was the most dramatic, complex, stunning, beautiful medal ever created in the history for runners.

In 2018 we created the most epic, complex, stunning and most patriotic 3D medallion known to the running world.

At double the size and weight and 100x the detail of the 2017 medal, we present to you the best running finisher medallion ever created, since time began.  You will never look at running medals the same again.

NEVER QUIT – X  2018 Finisher Medallion
10 Year Celebration

Interesting details that you will love to know about your 2018 NEVER QUIT-X, 10 year anniversary Finisher Medallion, which makes this the most unique of any finisher medal or medallion ever made.CCsofie


  1. This 3D medallion took 3 months of just drawing and computer design.
  2. Twenty-eight dedicated people in three countries were involved in the process.
  3. It took flights that totaled 4 times around the world, through 6 countries for Leanne, myself and the Z-Brush artist (who’s incredible work has been featured on Call Of Duty, Transformers, Angry Birds, Narnia) to work together to make just this NEVER QUIT -X medallion design complete.
  4. All metal molds had to be remade three times, so all pieces fit together and looked perfect. This more than doubled the mold time and doubled the mold cost, with total mold costs over $18,000. 
  5. This NEVER QUIT medallion has 8 individual 3D medals. 
  6. A total of 46 molds were made to make all 8 finished 3D medal pieces. Typical medals would have two molds.
  7. All eight metal pieces were carefully poured, sanded, buffed, electroplated in 3 shades of gold & silver and clear coated. Then individual silver pieces were re-sanded and buffed and clear coated again to give it a brushed silver look. Then select areas were filled with translucent red and blue paint and silver liquid flake poured around the U.S. flag stars.  Finally, all 8 pieces were connected and screwed together to make one complete final 3D medallion.  Total production time will be 7 months.
  8. Gold and silver coatings were carefully dipped onto the NEVER QUIT medallions in the same factory that dips gold and silver coatings onto the U.S. Military insignia pins of all 5 branches worn by U.S. Service members.
  9. Five full size 3D printed plastic molds of all 8 pieces were made for detailed accuracy throughout this process.  Each 3D print took 17 hours.
  10. The total “design process” cost roughly 100x over what any other medal design would cost.
  11. Just at the factory alone, Erik meticulously worked for 48 days, every day, until each design element, each mold and each piece was perfect in every way. Only then would he approve the final sample that you would be honorably presented with on April 21, 2018. 
  12. This is the most complex finisher medal ever made in history.
  13. This is the most detailed finisher medal ever made in history.
  14. This is the most expensive finisher medal ever made in history, costing roughly 20x the cost of other finisher medals.
  15. This is the largest finisher medal ever made in history.  The width is 7 -1/4″,  making it fall into a medallion class, more than 2x over. 
  16. At roughly 3 pounds, it is the heaviest finisher medal ever made in history for any running race, by far.
  17. Total weight of this NEVER QUIT medallion is 3+lbs. (over 2x the weight of the 2017 NEVER QUIT eagle head medal.) 
  18. The weight of this medallion is equal to the weight of 16-20 typical running finisher medals.
  19. To put this into perspective, approximately 50,000 finisher medals were given out at all various running races in greater Jacksonville in 2016.  The weight of 9,000 of these NEVER QUIT medallions is equal to the weight of roughly 110,000 finisher medals, more than double the weight of all the medals given out in two years of all running races in Jacksonville. (The combined totals of 2016 & 2017 !)
  20. Total weight of all 2018 NEVER QUIT – X medallions is over 15 Tons.  One entire shipping container full. 
  21. This NEVER QUIT finisher medallion is a work of art, it is timeless, it is what you will cherish forever.

NEVER QUIT only provides the best and honors those who NEVER QUIT,


Thanks to all of you who NEVER QUIT and have helped spread your NEVER QUIT message around the world and your continued involvement to make this the 10th year running.

On April 21, 2018, at Jacksonville Beach, Florida, after you finish your NEVER QUIT 5k or 10k, you will walk up to a line of proud and sharply dressed U.S. Armed Service Members in the secured area and say;

At that time, depending on which of the 26 Service members you are greeted by, the Marines will respond with “Semper Fi !” or the Navy sailor with “Hooyah !”  Then they will proudly present you with this 2018 NEVER QUIT – X finisher medallion, placing it around your neck…




Full Steam Ahead,

Erik Petroni
Director, NEVER QUIT
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2018 NEVER QUIT – X ribbon.  Two different quotes on each side.

Ribbon close up 2018


2017 3D NEVER QUIT Eagle head finisher medal:



2016 Finisher medal