Please read carefully now and once again before event day.
Be prepared.

  1. NEVER QUIT® Event location address:  JACKSONVILLE BEACH11  1st Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
  2. We highly recommend that you are parked NO LATER than 6am to find close parking.  We can not emphasize this enough.  Go to sleep an hour earlier Friday night and you will be one happy camper on Saturday morning when you pull up at 6am, only 100 feet from starting area, vs at 6:15, miles away.  You can watch a beautiful sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, relaxed and refreshed, meeting all the other thousands of people and your friends, getting great pictures of yourself in front of the start line, getting some cold water, leisurely walking over to the port-a-lets, just not stressing at all, only… happy.
  3. Once the free city parking lost are full, which are full by 6am, start to find spaces down the various Jacksonville Beach streets.  You will find a lot of people selling slots at their lots to park, but they charge all the way up to $20.
  4. Parking is free in Jacksonville Beach city parking lot across from the event site and by the pier, but only until 9am. Please bring cash and/or a credit card in preparation for the parking after 9am or for those selling slots.  If you arrive earlier you will get better & free parking.  Carpool when possible.
  5. Staying in a hotel nearby is a Very Great Idea.  Many competitors make a fun weekend of NEVER QUIT® and then just wake up and walk to the start line.
  6. There will be no bag check area so have a friend watch your gear.
  7. When you pick up your race bib and timing chip (if you selected a timing chip during online registration) at the Expo, make sure your timing chip and race number match.
  8. Make sure that your race number and/or chip do not belong to someone else.  ie., your name should be shown on the attached sticker fixed to your bib, and your name will also be printed on the front of the bib near the large race number (for those who sign up early enough to have their bib personalized. Sign up early.)
  9. 5K / 10K runners who are being chip timed will have the disposable chip already attached to the back of the bib.
  10. You must start & finish a race to be given your online “selected” finishing necklace. Everyone in the 5k & 10K receives the new massive 10 Year Anniversary NEVER QUIT® 3D Eagle finisher medal.   1 Mile receive a shark-tooth necklace finisher award.
  11. Stand behind your correct pace flag. Faster chip timed runners start at the front & everyone else should line up at the indicated pace signs. Strollers and walkers should be in the back of the line. Pets are allowed per Jacksonville beach law on the beach until 9am and pets and owners must be to the very back of the start line.  They must be on a leash and please make sure your dog is a happy dog that does not mind being around a lot of people.
  12. When crossing the finish line, you  need to walk up to the Sea-Walk Pavilion to receive your 3D Eagle finisher medal in the secured area from a U.S. armed service member.  NEVER QUIT® photographers will be taking pictures of you and U.S. Military members, but we ask that you also take pictures with your own camera.  Those who selected the finisher necklace will go to the same area under the blue tent to the far Left side of the Sea Walk Pavilion, your lane will be marked Finisher Necklace on the Blue Tent, in front of the left side of the stage next to 1st street.
  13. At the Finisher Necklace area you can get in line to meet the sailor or soldier who will present you with your finishing necklace, if you selected a necklace during online registration.  NEVER QUIT® photographers will be taking your pictures.  Bringing your own camera/camera phone will allow you to get additional pictures of you and your running companions to immediately upload them to Facebook, etc.  NQ has to tag all the pictures we take, which takes time.) The only people allowed in this secured area are people who are receiving a 3D Eagle finisher medal or those who selected the finisher necklace during online registration.
  14. Do not cut/obscure your bib & bib # or we can not tag your photos and post your pictures post event.  When having pictures taken of you, make sure your bib # is clearly visible for the cameraman.  Use ALL FOUR safety pins to secure your bib properly.
  15. Picture frames will be on sale for $5 at the expo to hold your bib and pictures.
  16. Cash & debit/credit card can be used to purchase NEVER QUIT® merchandise at the Expo.
  17. We strongly believe in preventative medicine to protect your health. PLEASE hydrate, hydrate, hydrate prior and during the race and at all water stations.  You can also wear a hat and sunscreen if you tend to burn from the sun.
  18. Bringing your own water bottle from home is a great idea.  There are NEVER QUIT® water bottles at Expo. Freezing the water bottle the night before will ensure you have cold water throughout your race. Water stops will be available.
  19. Please get your blood pressure checked. It is free and it is saving lives by detecting hypertension early. Please visit one of the many medical staff members if you do not feel well. Our hope is that you have a safe race.  Stay healthy so you can live a full and productive life with those you love.
  20. Get ready for a very memorable day.  Ask your friends to join in & register as a participant or come watch.
  21. Visit faq/ and read FAQ’s to learn more on the event.