NEVER QUIT is a story about Love, Health, Determination and the NEVER QUIT attitude that lives in all of us.


A NEVER QUIT Love Story:
Dad was raised an orphan and never knew his own mother or father.
He once shared with me, that he called out to his mother when he was in extreme duress, as a young solider on the front lines in Korea, surrounded in a violent firefight.

Many years later as a sailor he met my mother and they found a strong, steadfast, unconditional love for one another.
When my father became close to my mother, he called her “My Everything.”

My father Capt. Gerard Petroni, would leave my mother for an extended sea journey, and in a far off land, find a silversmith to help him create his vision of a unique necklace that would be exclusive for her.

With each yearly voyage he would return with a beautiful, one of a kind, pendant with an embedded stone that symbolized their persevering love for one another and that he would always stay the course for her.  The reverse side of the pendant contained an inscription of his loving message to her.  After finishing his voyage, he would present it to his wife in uniform immediately upon his joyful return.

necklaces 2017


The NEVER QUIT Necklace:
After Dad’s passing I wanted to continue honoring women who NEVER QUIT with a tradition the way Dad lovingly honored my mother.
The necklace that I design each year has a NEVER QUIT meaning to it; the Sea Turtle, the Nautilus shell, the Dog Tag and the Wave necklace.

The first Sea Turtle necklace represents the beautiful sea creature that will travel through the storms of life to lay her eggs and give her little ones life, no matter how hard the journey.

The Nautilus shell necklace can only survive by growing larger and taking on more surrounding challenges.  Its beauty is a spiral of strength and it never ends, radiating inward and outward.

Dog Tags: I found Dad’s Korean War Dog Tags, and realized that they are one of the greatest NEVER QUIT symbols. I used his Dog Tags to create the NEVER QUIT dog-tag necklace.

The Wave necklaces (Energy with multiple stones and the Blue Rigel with one stone) is a symbol of the strength and purity of the ocean and its waves.

The All New Two Tone Sea Turtle is a symbol of the strength and purity of the ocean and its waves.
The NEW Two Tone Sea Turtle necklace has a beautiful turquoise and aqua marine blue in her back and you can see the sterling silver glimmer under the semi transparent hard fired glass enameling.  Her legs are in sterling silver and she has a sapphire in her eye.  The entire Sea Turtle has been Rhodium plated to prevent tarnishing.  The Sea Turtle hangs from from an Italian 18″ Rolo Chain with diamond cut beads that glimmer like the sea on a sunny day.   All of this will be presented to you in a Blue silk covered box with a white satin ribbon, on a silver tray held by a U.S. Armed Forces Service Member in uniform on the Blue carpet with the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop.

The name of the NEVER QUIT event and Beach Fest are engraved on the reverse of the Sea Turtle and NEVER QUIT is placed perfectly on the top of the Sea Turtle under the Aqua Marine enameling on the lower part of Sea Turtles tail.

We have had so many ladies say they they have not entered into every event and for that reason they have been unable to collect all the necklaces.  So we took a few years off from providing the next necklace so they could collect the ones they still do not have, or get another of their favorites for themselves or a loved one.  Many men also choose the necklace to give to a loved one.

In 2017, we are coming out with another spectacular Finisher Medallion which every 5K finisher will receive, (This medal will be revealed before race day)  in addition to their finisher necklace, if they choose this necklace option during online registration.

  • The necklace is a reminder of those who Never Quit for us and how we must Never Quit.
  • The struggling writing communicates the desire to Never Quit in all of life’s challenges.
  • The sapphire and pearl is a constant reminder of unyielding guidance of a stars light, a moral compass to live by and to stay the course.  The stone is a symbol of truth and purity.


The relevance of the necklace presentation:

  • The necklace is presented to all women and men who persevere, stay the course, finish and never quit.
  • The steadfast Sailor or Soldier in uniform, waiting on the carpet, is symbolic to the presentation of how the gift was presented to my mother when my Father returned to her in uniform.
  • The carpet and the silver tray necklace presentation gives honor and respect to those who complete the challenge.
  • Men as well can receive this necklace and present it to the one they love.


Dad’s principles on women:

Dad believed one of the most important things you can do in life is to honor and respect women and put their needs above your own.  If men do that, everything else in life will fall in line.
He would also say that women are the givers of life, whose sons and daughters defend our country.


We welcome and thank you for being a part of the NEVER QUIT message, one of the most moving, pivotal and inspiring events that brings us together as one.

What is your NEVER QUIT story to share and inspire others?
Who will you NEVER QUIT for?