Saturday, May 31, 2014.  Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Expo and bands at the Sea Walk Pavilion,
Athletic events on the beach in front of Expo and  Four Points Sheraton.

Join the community for the most amazing family event. NEVER QUIT is centered on: health, love and determination and especially practicing and educating preventative medicine.
What a better way to spend the day than with friends and family.

 The goal of NEVER QUIT is to:  

  • Become aware of how to avoid strokes and brain bleeds by getting your blood pressure checked at the Expo,
  • Inspire families to become healthier,
  • Enjoy activities that the whole family can be a part of,
  • Take on a NEVER QUIT approach to life.
Never Quit Events include
  • Yoga on the Beach
  • 5K run/walk  
  • TRIDENT consisting of a 5K Run, 500 Meter Ocean Swim, and a 1.5K Ocean Surfboard Paddle 
  • Military WARRIOR CHALLENGE (ages 16-28) consisting with a challenge of Pushups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, 1.5 Mile Run and two 50 Meter low soft sand beach crawl. See the Warrior/Battle link for more details.
  •  JR WARRIOR CHALLENGE  (ages 6-15) consisting of a 50 Meter low soft sand beach crawl, 15 push-ups, 35 sit-ups, 4 pull-ups and finish with another 50 Meter low soft sand beach crawl to the finish line.
  • BATTLE FOR THE BEACH (ages 16 and up) A team of 6 will perform Pushups, Situps, Pullups, 1.5 Mile Run and two 50 Meter low soft sand beach crawl. See the Warrior/Battle link for more details.
  • Surfing lessons
  •  1 Mile Fun Run  (age 4-9)

On this NEVER QUIT Day:  

  • Run or walk either (or both) of the 5K’s 
  • Cheer your kids on while they run through the 1 Mile Fun Run
  • Form a team in the TRIDENT Relay, or compete as a TRIDENT Solo.   It’s a great way to meet new people!!! 
  • See if you have what it takes to complete the WARRIOR Challenge or BATTLE for the BEACH.  Meet with Special Operation scouts and recruiters for a chance to join an elite SPEC OPS team.
  • Take off your shoes after you’re finished a challenge and jump into the refreshing Atlantic Ocean 
  • Learn to surf for the first time and learn new surfing skills
            Karina Petroni, Nick Vujicic and Richard Nunn were a three person TRIDENT Relay team.
                                                          Never Quit BATTLE FOR THE BEACH winners.  
1 Mile Fun Run

Learn to surf with Surf into Summer.  Get ready to be stoked on a whole new way of life!
What a great day for every age!
Blood pressure checks
Opening Prayer
Jaguar “Roar” Cheerleaders

He proposed on the red carpet finish line