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Show off your NEVER QUIT spirit with the original writing in colorized 3M Reflective Material with a Breast Cancer ribbon to add that special touch and personal message.

This decal is the first of 3M Reflective Die-cut decal ever made with multiple colors.
It will shine and reflect bright at dawn, dusk or night by all cars driving behind you unlike other decals that can not be seen at night.

The Pink Ribbon is printed with multiple colors of special and expensive translucent 3M Reflective ink on top of 3M Reflective material giving drivers behind you a… “Wow, how is the Ribbon and NEVER QUIT glowing”

Other 12″ 1 color vinyl decals sell for $10, this is a multi colored 13″ – 3M Reflective Decal (the same material used on police cars and ambulances) which should normally retail for $35.

This 3M Reflective decal has the appearance of floating on glass and can be removed easily from your window with a razor blade, leaving “0” residue.

The decal package come set with directions on how to apply the decal, alcohol swabs and cleaning items for your car window.

You will inspire thousands of others to NEVER QUIT as you drive in your community and on highways and the words will let others know the type of resolute person you are, personifying your character.

This NEVER QUIT decal is the exact writing by Capt. Petroni who scratched out these two words to his son Erik when he could not speak after his stroke.

This NEVER QUIT decal is the only 2 color decal of its kind which really enhances the message.

All elements of this decal, from the material to the manufacturing process is 100% handmade in the U.S.A. from long lasting Weather proof UV rated 3M Reflective Material.

This NEVER QUIT Perfect for your vehicle window, bathroom mirror as a daily positive reminder, school locker, computer, boat, surfboard, or any other place to motivate yourself and others.

13″ long.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 5 x .25 in


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