Special Thanks



  Jacqueline Jennings:

     Jacqueline “Jackie” Jennings has been dedicated and diligent in her involvement with NEVER QUIT since June 2011.  An expert in media – with a  great eye for what is appealing, both in video and print, she helps take the NEVER QUIT message and its image to greater heights with each project she takes on.  A native of Texas, Jackie is both knowledgeable in media and the Liberty movement and has followed the attributes of so many from the “Lone Star State”, becoming a strong Constitutionalists and spreading its message to thousands.  

Jackie changes lives for the better with all she comes in contact with, spreading a message of health, fitness and freedom.  Jackie – a woman of determination and resolve.





Tara Midkiff:

Tara Midkiff, National Sales Manager with WJXT, The Local Station is from West Virginia but has called Jacksonville home for the last 8 1/2 years. Tara, has played a large role in the NEVER QUIT Challenge from almost the very beginning and has been very committed to ensuring the success of the event sharing the message of faith, family and healthy living. Tara is very passionate about NEVER QUIT as its message is very close to her heart as those she loves, from friends to family, have been affected by both heart disease and stroke. Making a positive change, as with all of us involved with NEVER QUIT, is the driving force behind Tara’s dedication and involvement.