NEVER QUIT Packet Pickup is an amazing experience putting the participant style and choices first. At NEVER QUIT Packet Pickup, 2018 Participants will be able to select from a variety of ultra high quality shirts, button down shirts, zip polos, tank tops and more, so you get exactly what you like.  This will be unlike any other packet pickup ever for any other race in the world.  At NEVER QUIT, our passion is to only provide you with the very best, with the exact apparel that you love, so it becomes one of your favorite pieces.

  1. When you come to packet pickup, select all your favorite shirts from the racks designated by size, mens and womens, etc.,
  2. Then come up to get your bib and make your most expensive shirt, your free NEVER QUIT participant shirt,
  3. You can purchase with cash or credit card all the other items that you want.
  4. You will find many high quality shirts for as low as $5.  It is a great chance to get all your future gifts taken care of or to even own more NEVER QUIT apparel for  yourself.

There are new designs being made from now until 2018 Packet Pickup.