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Here is the story of how the “I’ll NEVER QUIT For:” came to be on your NEVER QUIT runners bib.

After Capt. Gerard Petroni’s stroke and brain bleed in November 2006, he couldn’t speak, eat or walk. Six months later, while his son Erik laid next to him in bed reading to him, he asked his father, “Dad, if you could write anything, the words that are the most important to you, to tell all of your kids and your wife, what would you write?”  Erik handed his father a paper and a thick black sharpie, over the next 25 minutes with the first words he had ever written since his brain bleed and a firm pressed hand, Gerard slowly yet forcefully scratched out “NEVER QUIT”.
Gerard NEVER QUIT for his family and the U.S.A. and his family NEVER QUIT for him.

– This part is personally from me, Erik, to all of you… My father lived a hard life, he had no parents as he grew up in an orphanage. As a young man, my father Gerard went on to serve our country in the U.S. Military in Korea and Vietnam.  He worked on board ships as a 16 year old, working his way from washing toilets on ships to eventually becoming a a ships Master (Captain) Perhaps this hard life, with no parents to turn to, is why he put so much priority on my mother and us kids.  He loved us all so very much.

When my father suffered his stroke and brain bleed, our family did not know if he would live.  I begged God to make any kind of deal with me, so that Dad would be well again.  If my life could end so that Dad could live to be there for Mom, I would do it.  I would give anything that God asked of me. I begged God for an option.   Over time, I began to realize, God does not make deals, He instead teaches us lessons if we put Him first.  We then can learn how to help others with the lesson we were taught.  As sad as it was at the time, I learned more about lovepersistence and a Never Quit attitude in those 3 years with Dad, than I have for all of my 42 years on earth combined.

Dad wrote NEVER QUIT about 6 months after his brain bleed.  About 3 months later, I was outside caring Dad on my back going for a long walk together, as we do several times each day.   Dad would  steer me in the direction he wanted to go by pulling on my earlobes, as I sang Frank Sinatra’s song “That’s Life.”  Then on this day, I lowered Dad down to the ground and said “Dad, you have to try to walk, you can do this” and I held his side to keep him balanced so he would not fall over.   He then turned to me and with his loving kind eyes, he spoke his first full sentence to me and he said:  “Erik, thank you for pushing me 1,000% and never quitting for me.  I will never quit for you.”  Tears started to run and I said, “Dad I will never quit for you either, ever.  I did not even know that you knew how to talk.”  His words to me that day, gave me so much hope and joy, energy and enthusiasm.   They are some of the most meaningful words I have ever heard.  (The NEVER QUIT organically included a run and when I designed the bib, I thought… “Everyone has someone that they will Never Quit for.  How nice would it be if the bib could be personalized as a love message when you could write who  you would give 100% for.

This is the reason for those words on your Bib, I’ll NEVER QUIT FOR: because we all have someone we go the distance in life and NEVER QUIT for.

I realized all the more that you learn the most in the valleys of life. There is no greater joy than to love someone else, to give your all and never quit for someone else, even if it means to give your life for that person.  Tears are starting now … it is hard to write this…  We all have someone that we can give our all for, to love with all our heart and soul, with all our strength and mind, even if it is a family member, a neighbor, friend, animal or principle such as Liberty or America.   Yet, in this world that we live in, we are taught…’What’s in it for me, or me first’.  An incorrect way to approach life.

However, we can learn that there is no greater joy than to give our life for someone else.
Greater love hath no man than this, than a man lay down his life for his friends.   -John 15:13
Who would you give your all for?
Who would you lay down your life for?
Who will you Never Quit for?
What principles or country will you Never Quit for?

My father and mother have given their all for me, so have our Founding Fathers, and those who are in the Armed Forces.  Above all, Christ – the author of Love gave His life for us.  I guess He would be the ultimate person who NEVER QUIT for me, and you, and all mankind.  I know I have opened up with the personal  and emotional side to this NEVER QUIT event and message.  As hard as it is to no longer have Dad here next to me, I have grown so much on how I can share this wonderful message and pass it onwards.  We all can spread our own good NEVER QUIT message, that’s what so great about it.  That is the beauty of the NEVER QUIT message, we all understand it.  This may be why everyone at NEVER QUIT is so kind, encouraging and upbeat.

I am sure many of you have lost a family member that is dear to you, or friends or family members that are hurt, or sad, or sick, or someone that you love with all your life, or your favorite pet or dearest cause, principles, our nation that we hold dear.
So, let us NEVER QUIT for them, every day.

Life goes by fast, and soon, one day, it will be over on this earth, and we will move on to have a new body.  So while we are here on earth, let’s make it really count.  Let’s give our all where it really matters, heart to heart. Because, only a life lived for others is a life worth living.

I hope to meet all of you soon.

Full Speed Ahead.
Your friend,


Who will you NEVER QUIT for?

Every participant will be able to write on their bib (runner’s tag) with thick sharpie pens, who they will NEVER QUIT for. (Pens provided at Packet Pickup) or personalize your bib at home before event day. (Please write clearly in a bold Sharpie pen so it can be seen clearly in the free pictures that will be taken and provided to you, or pictures that you and your friends take of each other.  Make sure you use all 4 safety pins to secure your bib to your shirt because if wind blows your bib up, we will not be able to tag your pictures, as we need to see your bib number and name to tag your image for you so you can get them after the event at this page.

The NEVER QUIT photographers will take pictures of you at the event. You can then go to See Race Pictures here and download full high resolution pictures. You can print or email the pictures, upload them to your Facebook page, etc., so the person you will NEVER QUIT for (i.e. family member or friend, someone you love and/or someone that is going through a tough time, injured, etc.) can see you giving it your best and that you will NEVER QUIT for them.  It may just be the difference in turning their life around and/or changing it for the better. Perhaps they will see the love you have for them and it will let them know just how much they mean to you.

(Most, if not all races charge to access event pictures.  The NEVER QUIT event pictures are 100% free to you, to spread your NEVER QUIT message of love onwards.)

Thank you for coming to NEVER QUIT.
It is going to be a very happy day.

Dad and I out on our daily walks. We became close in a way that I would have never known possible. It was raining this day so we found a bit of cardboard on the side of the grass that made for a roof for Dad’s head. While we would walk we would both sing the Sinatra Song, “That’s Life” One of our favorites. It was only months before this picture that he spoke a full sentence for the first time and said: “Thank you for Never Quitting on me and pushing me 1,000%. (He is now running full speed-around in Heaven is his same red shorts.) Good times! In above picture from left to right: Sonya Petroni Brown, Capt. Gerard Petroni, Karina Petroni.


The 2018 NQ custom commemorative bib.

You get to write in who you will Never Quit for. Your first name goes in the bottom left. Register by March 31 to have your name included on your bib.



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