Register  3D X-Eagle. (2018 version) Full body & wings (Click on REGISTER button to see picture of medal)  More expensive version do to it being 1.5x heavier, larger and more detail than the 2017 version.
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 Ribbon close up 2018
Register  3D Eagle head. Less expensive option.  (2017 version). (Click on REGISTER button to see picture of medal)


Fininsher necklace 2018

There are two NEVER QUIT®Virtual Run entry prices:

(No $300 necklace included)

  • $79.95:
    X-Eagle 3D medal (2018 version),
    Top quality NEVER QUIT® shirt or tank,
    Custom commemorative Eagle bib,
    $10 NEVER QUIT® die cut decal
    (Mailed by priority postage, insurance & tracking end of March 2017)
  • $69.95.
    Large 3D eagle head medal,
    Top quality NEVER QUIT® shirt or tank
    Custom commemorative Eagle bib.
    $10 NEVER QUIT® die cut decal
    (with priority postage, insurance & tracking)


($300 necklace is included)

  • $114.95.
    $300 valued NEVER QUIT® necklace (you get to choose from one of the ones above)
    X-Eagle 3D medal,
    top quality NEVER QUIT® shirt or tank
    Custom commemorative Eagle bib.
    $10 NEVER QUIT® die cut decal
    (Shipping by priority postage & insurance & tracking)


  • $109.95.
    $300 valued NEVER QUIT® necklace (you get to choose from one of the ones above)
    Large 3D eagle head medal,
    Top quality NEVER QUIT® shirt or tank
    Custom commemorative Eagle bib.
    $10 NEVER QUIT® die cut decal
    (Shipping by priority postage & insurance & tracking)


These NEVER QUIT® “Virtual” prices are higher, compared to if you attended NEVER QUIT®, for the following reasons:
We have to individually select your shirt, your bib, package your 2017 3D NEVER QUIT® Eagle medal in padded packaging.  Print your label, package & tape the box, drive r/t to the post office, pay for postage, insurance and tracking and to mail you your NEVER QUIT® Virtual package.  All of this costs about $11-$15 in postage, time and gas that it takes to complete a NEVER QUIT® “Virtual Run/walk entry”.  Roughly 1 is spent on each Virtual entry or more versus the 30 seconds to do the same thing for those who attend the Jacksonville Beach run and get their shirt & bib at packet pickup and receive their 2017 3D Eagle NEVER QUIT® medal after the finish.

You will experience the world’s greatest Virtual Run/Walk at your own convenience, time and place. NEVER QUIT® provides runners & walkers with the very best to motivate you to run or walk, get active and healthy and reward you like no other race.

If you, your company, group or team can can’t join a NEVER QUIT® run/walk in Jacksonville Beach, or are simply unable to participate due to your schedule, simply register here for a NEVER QUIT® Virtual Race instead!

The NEVER QUIT® Virtual race is a run/walk that can be enjoyed at any location around the world. You can walk in your neighborhood, use a treadmill, go to a nearby park, track or participate in another race.  You can compete against yourself—or with other running mates, family or friends—without paying for travel or hotels.  Run your race at your convenience and length and still receive the official and exclusive NEVER QUIT® finisher prize.

You can select any one of the NEVER QUIT® finisher prize necklaces and unlike other virtual runs, we will mail your necklace and finisher Eagle medallion to you in advance of your run so you are ready to proudly put it on the minute you finish your run.  Before you do your run, you can show the finisher prize to family, friends and workmates to get them excited to sign up and run with you. Then you can present your finisher prizes to one another after your run.  (You can give the necklace as a gift to a loved one you will NEVER QUIT® for)

Once you click the Red Register button, you can choose one of these NEVER QUIT® necklaces (see above) on the following page:

  • You will also receive the Giant 3D NEVER QUIT® Eagle Finisher medallion (seen below)
  • $300 NEVER QUIT® custom and exclusive necklace.  Men, this is a perfect finisher prize to get for a loved one, wife and daughter.
  • You will receive a custom NEVER QUIT® runners bib that you can write who you will NEVER QUIT® for.
  • A $10 NEVER QUIT® die cut decal will be mailed to you with your finisher prize.
  • As a competitor, you will enjoy our exclusive custom high end NEVER QUIT® shirts and women’s tank tops.
  • Purchase your additional NEVER QUIT® Official Merchandise such as: NEVER QUIT® stainless steel double wall vacuum sealed water bottles, NEVER QUIT® shirts and picture frames to hold your custom bib, you will find these items in the Additional Items section, when you register online.

You are almost there…. Ask your friends, family and workmates to register and join you as a team.  The NEVER QUIT® Virtual Run is a great incentive for a company group, team or fellow too.  Map out your own route, complete your race and have family, friends or your running mates present each other with your NEVER QUIT® Finisher prize after you finish ! 🙂

Take some beautiful pictures with your NEVER QUIT® shirt, finisher prize and your bib of who you will NEVER QUIT® for and post them and your results on NEVER QUIT NEVER® Facebook page!   As that special gift idea, you can also run and then give your prize to a person you will NEVER QUIT® for – It is the perfect “I will NEVER QUIT® for you” love gift.  Please email your pictures to: along with the distance your ran or walked.

Get started and get yourselves and friends to sign up for the NEVER QUIT® Virtual Race below and remember to send us pictures of yourself and get your blood pressure checked.

Race dates:

  • When:   Run any day  .
  • Where:  Anywhere, Anytime – Everywhere on the planet!   You can map your own course, you choose.
  • How:     Just tell us where to mail your NEVER QUIT® finisher prize and gear that will inspire you to NEVER QUIT Living Life®
  • Who:     All ages and all abilities. Walkers are welcome!


X-Eagle  (2018 version) $79.95
Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 3.57.32 PM
Eagle head option for $69.95  (seen in following pictures)
Your custom commemorative 2018 NEVER QUIT® eagle bib.